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In 2013, after great success in two of the area’s leading franchise groups, Adam Vernon was inspired to open Vernon Partners with his wife and business partner, Jasmina. Through a shared vision they have used their sales and marketing experience combined with hard work, dedication and strategic thinking to create a business with a truly winning formula, now ranking among the Lower North Shore’s leading agencies.

“To be awarded Most Recommended Agency in Mosman after just three years in our own business was incredibly rewarding. To then win 2017 Agent of the Year and rank 47th among all agents in Australia* was simply amazing. I love this industry and the community that I work in and wouldn’t do anything else.”

Recognised as one of the Top 10 agents in the local area, Adam’s rise to the top has been nothing short of outstanding. He has consistently held Top 10 rankings in Mosman, Cremorne and North Sydney, was Mosman’s Most Recommended Agent in 2014 and was in the top three selling agents in Mosman in 2016, 2017 and 2018*.

Adam is a natural innovator and strong leader with an ability to negotiate multi-million dollar deals with confidence. With a PhD in Chemistry and two decades of experience in executive level corporate negotiations, he brings a high level of education and skill to the industry. He has held positions of Managing Director, Marketing Director, National Sales Manager and Business Development Manager, among others in a long and successful sales and marketing career.

Adam approaches each property as a blank slate, presenting vendors with an honest assessment and advice on potential improvements that would benefit the sale. His experience managing an international pharmaceutical company makes him naturally adept at coordinating the needs of several parties, something that comes to the fore when negotiating sales.

With immense respect for his clients, Adam ensures the best outcome for his vendors while fostering a healthy relationship with his buyers. His dedication to achieving exceptional results is matched only by his commitment to providing the finest service.

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Skills & expertise
Lower North Shore Property Sales
Prestige Property Sales
Adam has been practicing since 2009
Adam Vernon has been in the industry since 2009.

*Most Recommended Agent in Mosman 2014 – Rate My Agent
*Most Recommended Agency in Mosman 2015 – Rate My Agent
*Ranked 47th in Australia 2017 – Rate My Agent
*The only local agent in Australia’s Top 50 – Rate My Agent
Community involvement
Major Sponsor – Mosman Football Club
Major Sponsor – Middle Harbour Public School
Taldumande Youth Services
World Vision
Medicins Sans Frontieres

According to our records Adam Vernon generally sells approximately 31 properties a year at an average price of $1,829,103 (at time of calculation). Adam Vernon appears to specialise in selling apartments in Mosman and Neutral Bay.

David grew up in Mosman and has lived on the lower north shore for most of his life. He attended primary school at Marist Sacred Heart and then completed secondary school at St Marys College in Dublin.

A genuine career agent, he joined Paton Pidcock Real Estate Neutral Bay at the age of 19 and was trained and mentored by John Pidcock. Within two years he was awarded several National sales awards and in 2007 he started his business.

David has built a team who are known for the client experience they consistently deliver. David is the most recommended agent in Mosman, and David Murphy Real Estate is the suburb’s most recommended agency (source Thanks to this support, he has handled the sale of more homes in Mosman than any other agent since January 2015.

He relishes challenging negotiations and loves building relationships. David’s passion is real estate but also loves scuba diving, fishing and living an active lifestyle.

According to our records David Murphy generally sells approximately 32 properties a year at an average price of $2,159,930 (at time of calculation). David Murphy appears to specialise in selling apartments in Mosman and Cremorne.

Over the past decade, I’ve established myself as an exceptional Mosman based real estate agent, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Now, with a strong team behind me, I’m proud to lead De Brennan Property.

Our bespoke agency offers a greater level of flexibility for our clientele. My team and I are able to offer a personalised service and superior attention to detail.

When representing the sale of your property, I take the time to understand the virtues of your home, alongside your personal goals and ideal timeline. You’ll find we’re contactable throughout the entire sales process, at all times, ensuring you receive the highest level of support.

Our proven strategies are designed to maximise your sales result. With an extensive database of active purchasers, we’re able to reach out to both local and international buyers, discreetly, and often without the need of a marketing campaign.

Our approach is to keep active buyers both informed and engaged along every step of the way until your home sale price is secured. With an eagerness to surpass previous sales records, my team and I strive to continually exceed expectations.

At De Brennan Property we’re innovative, forward thinking and will always go the extra mile for

our clients.

According to our records Jonathon De Brennan generally sells approximately 10 properties a year at an average price of $2,710,023 (at time of calculation). Jonathon De Brennan appears to specialise in selling apartments in Mosman and Cremorne.

In Richard’s 17 year career he has sold over $1.5bn in local property and prides himself in delivering the ultimate outcome for every vendor. In 2019 (Jan 1 – Dec 31st) Richard was Mosman’s number one agent for highest dollar sales. He also sold Mosman’s most expensive house and apartment in 2019. Richard founded Simeon Partners in January 2014, having built a hard-earned reputation based upon selling 100’s of millions of dollars of luxury property each year. His unique, innovative and emotive selling strategies have directly led to Simeon Partners delivering premium results across 37 suburbs Sydney wide, with around 40% of these buyers coming from out of area or international.

Richard says, “We have built a strong international agency, managed locally, and our success lies with achieving the optimum results for all of our vendors.” Richard recalls that his 20 years in the marketing and advertising industry defined him, particularly the thousands of hours spent studying consumer behaviour and how to influence purchasers’ decision-making processes. In the 12 years prior to launching Simeon Partners, Richard was a director of a major real estate franchise, where he was consistently number one or two in sales within the national network. The world has moved on in the real estate category, after 30 years of building businesses, in 2014 it was time to start his own and now year on year Simeon Partners is proudly the largest Independent agency on the Lower North Shore. In fact, at the end of 2019, Simeon Partners broke through the $1bn in sales barrier.

As we move into 2020 we have just launched exciting properties into a strong market on the back of 12% growth during the last quarter of 2019. At Simeon Partners our award winning team remains in place and determined to offer every vendor a World of Difference, which is we happily publish a vendor testimonial for every property we represent. Visit

Richard can now laugh. Having four children, two years old and under, including triplets, was certainly the most challenging time in his life. Fortunately, the triplets completed their HSC last year. Richard believes raising his family in Mosman has given him the experience to sell Mosman as the ultimate family lifestyle destination. The local schools, sporting facilities, amenities, restaurants and cafés are unbeatable. Add to that, the appeal of the location with its proximity to the CBD, excellent transport, beaches and parks and it is little wonder that, like Richard most residents of Mosman believe they are the luckiest on earth.

According to our records Richard Simeon generally sells approximately 9 properties a year at an average price of $5,403,333 (at time of calculation). Richard Simeon appears to specialise in selling houses in Mosman and Neutral Bay.

Arguably one of the country’s top agents, Michael Coombs comes with a reputation for achieving record sales, having sold $1.3B in sales in the last ten years alone. Michael’s unique approach means his vendors benefit from his forward way of thinking.

Having started in real estate in his 20’s Michael has seen the market shift multiple times which has only added to his experience in the Lower North Shore area. Michael prides himself on remaining grounded despite his success and treats each client like family which allows them to find immense comfort in the rare humility Michael brings.

Michael also enjoys supporting the wider community and is the founder of the Father Joe Foundation, sponsors the Annual Diamond event for the Sydney Children’s Hospital and Beauty Point Public School. Michael is proud to lead a team of agents. Working with his team he can deliver unsurpassed levels of client experience, choosing his team members each for their unique specialities in the real estate space.

Michael is also thrilled to be a regular presenter at AREC, Australia’s leading real estate conference.

Michael is the leading agent in the Lower North Shore’s prestige market with over 40% of all sales in the Lower North Shore prestige market (RP data 2017-2018).

It’s Michael’s unique buyer network working with international buyers, relocation agents, buyers agents, celebrity buyers, Expat buyers and other parties that helps him attract the right buyers for the prestige market.

Michael Coombs has welcomed international real estate specialist Bo Zhang to his team, in response to heightened interest from overseas buyers in Sydney’s north shore. Mr Zhang has an impressive track record working with international buyers. Fluent in both Mandarin and English, he’s responsible for extending the team’s reach to cover the Chinese and Asian markets, both in Australia and overseas.

According to our records Michael Coombs generally sells approximately 18 properties a year at an average price of $4,058,155 (at time of calculation). Michael Coombs appears to specialise in selling houses in Mosman and Cremorne.

According to our records Nic Yates generally sells approximately 7 properties a year at an average price of $3,189,000 (at time of calculation). Nic Yates appears to specialise in selling houses in Mosman and Neutral Bay.

With more than ten years’ experience in the real estate industry, Mitchell Soineva understands the importance of communication and understanding exactly what his clients need. His friendly and professional manner has gained him a first-rate reputation as he is always focused on embracing the latest technology and making real estate sales a seamless process for his vendors.

Mitchell prides himself on providing exceptional customer service backed by a great ability for negotiation and is considered an expert on real estate in Mosman and the surrounding suburbs of the Lower North Shore. He also enjoys the opportunity to be continually meeting new people and assisting them through one of the biggest decisions they will ever make, and he considers it a privilege to represent properties sold for his clients.

Mitchell enjoys the challenge to work in Sydney’s competitive Lower North Shore market. He is also proud to be a part of a team of genuine real estate professionals at Belle Property Mosman. Being around strong leadership has helped him to grow and succeed in real estate and he has the opportunity to work alongside those at the top of their field.

According to our records Mitchell Soineva generally sells approximately 23 properties a year at an average price of $1,959,500 (at time of calculation). Mitchell Soineva appears to specialise in selling apartments in Mosman and Cremorne.

Professional and strategic, Bernard’s deal team leadership and deal strategy skill sets are attributes are considered by his clients as sophisticated attributes that account for the high value differences in Bernard’s agency services. Clients frequently comment on the personal presence that Bernard brings to a meeting. Whether it’s in a conversation or a hand shake Bernard’s professional tone and manner dissolves the fear and
anxiety clients may have in the sales process, early in the customer journey.

To Sellers, Bernard’s willingness in identifying and understanding personal circumstances that can influence sale conditions and capacity to act as a sounding board has earned him enormous respect acting as agent several times over with his loyal client base. To Buyers, Bernard’s forthright and empathetic manner in articulating the deal terrain, ensuring relevant artefacts that could influence the quality of outcome are known and considered reduced the anxiety of adverse selection.

A consistent, high level approach to professionalism in transaction and client management across a 20 year tenure of success in the lower north shore real estate market, Bernard has set records in buildings, streets and suburbs across the lower north shore spanning all cross sections of property. Industry peers across the Sydney Basin regard Bernard as a thought leader in real estate and delivery of successful selling strategies.

Bernard is recognized within the franchise group as an elite level practitioner of real estate agency services, internationally referenced in the top 3 salespersons of the Ray White Group annually.

A local resident with deep ties to the community, Bernard’s drive is supported by his young family. His energy and enthusiasm for the Lower North Shore property market remains irrepressible and an exemplar to his colleagues. As industry peers and fellow Directors of Ray White Lower North Shore, we commend Bernard without reservation, as your agent of choice to move forward with your property ambitions.

2019/2020 – Chairman’s Elite
2019/2020 – Elite Business Leader of Ray White Lower North Shore
2018/2019 – International Principal Settled Commission – No. 9
2018/2019 – Top 10 Blue Principals Settled Commission – No. 6
2018/2019 – Elite Business Leader of Ray White Lower North Shore
2018/2019 – Chairman’s Elite
2017/2018 – Top 10 City Principals – Settled Commission – No. 5
2017/2018 – Chairman’s Elite
2017 – Chairman Club Elite

According to our records Bernard Ryan generally sells approximately 18 properties a year at an average price of $3,459,676 (at time of calculation). Bernard Ryan appears to specialise in selling houses in Mosman and Cremorne.

Knowledgeable and conscientious, Colin is regarded by industry peers for being one of the Lower North Shore’s most effective agents, reaching street and suburb price records through creative strategy. A background in marketing and landscape architecture (encompassing architecture, town planning, engineering and design) sees Colin qualified with a skill set unique to the delivery of professional agency services. Colin’s client endorsements are impressive.

Clients consistently note his passion for people and property and a commitment to an exceptional level of brand experience. He converses with buyers across technical and aesthetic qualities creating an appreciation and excitement around a home. A lifelong resident of the lower north shore, Colin knows these suburbs intimately. Selling homes locally for the last 18 years and designing gardens since 1987, Colin has designed many of the gardens that contribute to the unique identities of each suburb.

Accurately pricing value, Colin creates genuine competition by marketing to relevant members of his buyer network. His adept tailoring of marketing strategies establishes a compelling dialogue to his client’s property. His aptitude in managing complexity and negotiations with finesse have been critical for making last minute strategy changes delivering results above market thresholds. As a result, he has helped his clients many times over to evolve their family story through several properties in some of the country’s most envied urban lifestyles.

Recognized annually by the Ray White Franchise Group in the Top 10 sales people as an elite performer in agency services and creative market strategies through varying market cycles, Colin illustrates success is a result of design not market level. Colin works hard to secure the best possible outcome for his clients, consistently over-delivering on vendor expectations. It’s for these reasons that Colin is regarded as a valued member of the Ray White Lower North Shore’s agency team and is commended without reservation to professionally manage your interests and ambitions in Sydney’s lower north shore property market.

Associate Director | LREA | M.COMM,

2019/2020 – Premier Performer
2018/2019 – Top 10 Blue Salespeople Settled Commission – No. 10
2018/2019 – Elite Performer
2017/2018 – Elite Performer

According to our records Colin Craig generally sells approximately 20 properties a year at an average price of $2,616,379 (at time of calculation). Colin Craig appears to specialise in selling houses in Mosman and Cremorne.

An experienced agent with a winning combination of traits – drive and attention to detail – Nick leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting results. With energy to burn, Nick puts his vendors first, ensuring he is always readily available. This is reinforced with his sound track record of successful sales and satisfied clients.

After university, Nick gained useful customer service and negotiation skills in the retail industry and executive marketing field before deciding to pursue real estate. It’s in his blood, after all. Nick’s family runs a real estate agency on the Central Coast so Nick grew up with a love of property and a deep understanding of market trends. His first job earned him the Rising Star award, and his hunger for success hasn’t let up since. What that means for vendors is a determined and dedicated agent who works hard to help them reach their property goals.

Nick aims to establish a lifelong relationship with each client he works with, and recognises that selling and buying property is more than a transaction – it’s an opportunity to help people create wealth to provide for their needs and those of their families.

According to our records Nick Gittoes generally sells approximately 14 properties a year at an average price of $2,403,196 (at time of calculation). Nick Gittoes appears to specialise in selling apartments in Mosman and Neutral Bay.

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